1Can I download videos to watch them offline?

Currently, we do not have the option to download online videos on our platform. However, it is in the pipeline and you can see the same the in the near future.

2Is it Free or do I need to pay for the online feature?

The online Feature of Apex Digital is available absolutely free of cost but we are planing to apply charge on some video's.

3How to avoid the advertisements?

Currently, if you wish you avoid the advertisement on our Apex Digital (Online or Offline), you need to purchase Golden Plan from android or web application. If you are using just Apex Digital (Free Plan) you will continue to see the advertisement on our platform.

4The online videos are buffering, but I have a good network speed. What should I do?

There are multiple factors (apart from internet speed) that affect the streaming experience like latency, routing etc. So we request you to clear the App/Browser cache and try again. If the issue persists, please write to us at support@apexdigitalworld.com

5What are the devices would I will be able to user the online streaming feature on?

Currently, you can access the our Online streaming feature across all Android and iOS devices. Also, you can check our website www.apexdigitalworld.com

6Will I be able to watch online videos on my Smart TV?

We are working on making our platform available on Smart TVs.

7What are the supported browsers for your website?

Our Website is currently supported on the following laptop/desktop browsers:
1.Google Chrome
2.Mozilla Firefox
5.Internet Explorer
6.Microsoft Edge

8Will I be able to access your website on mobile browsers?

Yes, you will be able to access our website on your mobile browser.

9I dont have a Facebook account how should I sign in to your App?

Currently, sign in option on our App is only available through Facebook. However, in the near future, we will have more Sign In options on our platform

10Is the your watchlist and watch history account specific or device specific?

The watchlist and watch history options on our platform are account specific.